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Twill & Tide

Custom Brand Identity

Twill & Tide is a multidisciplinary textile brand that strives to create designs and pieces that evoke a reaction. Items are derived from fabrics and materials from another time, drifting you back in history to relive stories from other realms by humans with experiences different from your own.

Image by Erwan Hesry

Meghan, of Twill & Tide, is fueled by working with textiles that have a history and a past. She enjoys buying cuts of fabrics that have been at least one place before and digging into what the original intentions might have been—by creating a connection to the people of the past and history. She considers who was involved, the energy it carries, and pays attention to the story it may have held before. She imagines where the textiles have been, pulls the story out of it, and explains that to her audience through her work.


The goal of becoming Twill & Tide was to evolve into more of an all encompassing artist, rather than simply a business or product provider. Keeping these characteristics in mind, we'll instead created a brand that represents who she is and the stories she hopes to tell. The brand combines classic type and timeless visuals to create a vintage feel that represents the history behind her work. 


"Our initial conversation felt so intuitive and I knew from then on that I could trust you to create an incredible brand kit for me. You helped me dig into my brand so much and I can't thank you enough for what you've done! I feel so seen by your work.


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