Hi, I'm Lili.

The creative brain power behind Elodie Creative. With eight years of professional industry experience, I consider myself a design expert and creative strategist. My portfolio of work ranges from single logo designs, all the way up to comprehensive creative strategies built to propel a brand forward.


I’m a deadline-driven, accomplished Graphic Designer focused on overseeing projects from concept

through final delivery. I work to successfully create brand messages, strategies and key graphic productions; and creatively problem solve using current design trends, brand guidelines, and industry best practices. I’m able to think both creatively and critically, and I’m willing to think outside the box while also evaluating alternative solutions in order to make strategic decisions. I’m resourceful and hardworking, with the ability to thrive in fast-paced environments, and display empowering leadership skills illustrated over eight years of industry success. I combine my passions for design, marketing strategy and data to drive outcomes: designs that evoke a reaction and yield results.

What some have said about me

"Lili is an absolute design tour de force. Not only is she a sharp designer but she is able to navigate complex strategic challenges by forging strong collaborator relationships, ardently researching the task at hand, and constantly communicating upward and outward. Lili readily volunteers to take on extra work and she never delivers anything less than outstanding. Lili continues to set the bar for strategy-driven designs that not only look beautiful but are outcomes-focused. She has also honed her mentorship and coaching skills and consistently provides valuable feedback to junior and mid-level staff. Lili is an indispensable senior designer."

Kylie Perrotti

Former Art Director at 2U  |  Designer  |  Published Author

"Liliana is an extremely talented professional that exceeded all expectations in her role as a [Graphic] Designer at Fusion Design Consultants Inc. As her manager, I was impressed with Lili’s ability to juggle multiple projects and take an idea from concept through completion on her own. Her desire to learn new programs made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. She had great customer service skills that shined through when dealing with clients, vendors and her own teammates. She was always willing to help find a solution with a positive attitude and smile on

her face. Any company would be lucky to have Lili on their team!"

Shanna Rojas

Lead Experience Designer of Global Innovation Hubs at Schneider Electric

What I do

Principal Designer. Creative Strategist. Marketer. Amateur writer. Intermediate photographer. Creator. Art Maker. Art lover. Netflix binger. True crime podcast listener. Beer drinker. Live music head nodder. Book reader. Old fashioned sipper. Burrito eater. Spotify shuffler. Go getter.

I'm a tech lover with an acute interest in graphic design, marketing and the way advertising data can inform design practices. I am able to seamlessly transition between projects, am highly flexible and communicative, and don't bat an eye at a fast paced work environment. I excel working cross-team to create and implement design strategies that work. The thing that excites me most about what I do is solving the puzzle that is understanding the minds of the consumers for whom I'm creating.

I'm excited to collaborate on all things design: art direction, brand strategy, creative campaign, design systems, UI/UX, email design, infographics, digital design, illustration, logo design, social media content and strategy, editorial design, marketing collateral and presentation design.

What I've done

For the past few years, I've been a leading member of the Creative Marketing Group at 2U, Inc., based in the Washington DC area. We function as an in-house agency and collaborate with all other teams that sit within the Marketing Department. On a daily basis, I interact with (including, but not limited to), copywriters, brand strategists, account managers, web producers, production artists, demand generation analysts, marketing data analysts, product managers, creative optimization and

growth coordinators, SEO and CRO coordinators, and of course, the client themselves.


I started at 2U as a Jr. Designer, with little large-scale marketing experience, and worked my way up to Principal level over the course of my time here. I know what you're thinking! But I meant it when I said Go Getter.

Before that, I worked as an Environmental Designer/Marketing Designer/Social Media Coordinator/Site photographer/Web builder for an architecture firm in Boston. I guess you could say I'm a big believer in being well-rounded. This position gave me the opportunity to explore many facets of design, and allowed me to determine the direction in which I wanted to focus my career.

Before that I was a designer at a small advertising and promotions agency, also in the Boston area.

We worked with brands and individuals in Greater Boston to promote their businesses and drive

brand awareness.

It's all in here:


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