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A Website in a Week

We’ll design and build out your company’s new website in a week. Swear it.

With almost of a decade of professional UX and UI design experience in the tech industry and in digital agencies, Elodie Creative is a powerhouse web designer.

We’re excited to take your existing brand the the next level by providing a polished web experience for your audience, clients, and customers. We’ve got you covered in all things web: user experience, user interface, SEO (search engine optimization), CRO (click rate optimization), and even content.  Did we mention it’ll be optimized for mobile devices, too?


Here's what's included.



Prior to your Web Week, we’ll hop on a Zoom call to iron out all of the details. You’ll help us gain an understanding of your priorities for your website, and we’ll create a customized plan of action. We’ll prioritize and discuss what’s realistic in terms of page count, content, and web build.



For an entire week (or 5 business days), you’ll have our undivided attention. We’ll be communicating a lot throughout the days via text or chat to check in on progress and gain real-time feedback and direction. You’ll have your website launched by happy hour on the last day of our week together.



We promise to DTR. After our Web Week, you’ll have access to email support from our team for 7 days to cover anything related to the design work we completed. You’ll also have the option to book follow-up days, or even another Web Week at a discounted rate. 


What can we do in a week?

We can create a website in a week! Every project is different, and the experience will be catered to your specific needs for your business. We’ll determine what’s exactly right for your case, but here are some ideas of what we might include:

  • A Homepage with an overview of what you offer or important info for your audience

  • An About page to tell about your business, your start, your history

  • An Offerings or Services page to hold your services, offerings or products

  • A Team page for users to be able to get to know who they’ll be working with

  • A Contact page for users to be able to get in touch with you and let them know where you are in the world


Looking for something even quicker?

Did you come here looking for one thing, and one thing only? We know what you’re thinking: “A design day is great, but I need more.”


We’ve just launched our Website in a Week service that covers the creation of an entire website over the course of a work week. The dynamic and structure is the same as our VIP Design Day, but you’ll instead have our full attention for 5 full days while we design and build out your company’s brand new website — start to finish.  


Here's how it works.


If you’re interested in working together, reach out via the link below. Once you’ve submitted your app, I’ll be in touch to book a quick call to chat about your project. If you’re ready to book, a signed contract and a 50% deposit saves you a spot in my calendar.


I’ll begin work at 9 AM EST on Day 1 with an email letting you know that I’m jumping in. I’ll communicate with you throughout the day/week via text or chat to update you on progress and/or to request any feedback needed to move forward. You’ll have my full undivided attention for 5 full business days.


Once you’ve booked you’ll receive an email with instructions on what you need to do to prepare for your Web Week. Your prep will include a questionnaire, a content direction list, and guidance for providing any additional assets or details needed.


Your final payment is due prior to the delivery of your final files and launch of your site. I’ll upload everything to a shared GoogleDrive folder and send you an email summarizing everything we accomplished. You’ll have one last chance to review everything, give the green light, and I’ll send your site live. 


14 days prior to our Web Week, we’ll hop on a call to review your tasks. We’ll address any questions either of us have and create an action plan for the week. During this call I’ll be able to give you a good idea of what we’ll be able to complete during our time.


Your Web Week includes 7 days of email support post-launch relating to the work we accomplished. You can ask me any questions you have about the deliverables or request tech assistance. I’ll respond within 36 hours with help and direction. You can also book an additional day or week at a reduced rate.


Here's the low down.

One business week. Seven hours a day. An action-packed intensive dedicated to designing and building you a website, start to finish.

An hour-long pre-intensive strategy call to determine your priorities and strategy.

Seven days of post-VIP Day email support for questions that come up or tech assistance with the tools we hand over.



Still have questions?

Want to chat?

We get it! Sometimes jumping into a commitment can be nerve wracking. Feel free to send us a note to schedule a call to learn more about your options, how we do things, and what we're about.

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